Portrait Photograph of Gilda Liu
Hi, I'm Gilda!
I am a graphic designer based in Seminole, FL. I have a BFA in Emerging Media at the University of Central Florida and a minor in English - Technical Communications. 
I have been designing and creating art since I was 10. I always keep a sketchbook on me where I can doodle and come up with new ideas. Over the years, I have refined my skills and focused in different disciplines such as branding, package design, and visual solutions and identities. I love creating designs that brings everyone together and make art exciting! 
When I'm not working in an Adobe program, I like to play video games on my Nintendo Switch, browse social media, and watch design videos and tutorials on YouTube. I am constantly exploring the world and myself through photography, media, and art :).
Let's make something special!
Contact me at my email: Gilda@knights.ucf.edu for freelance work, project ideas, design packaging, brand design, brand identity, or other design related work. 

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